During college, I worked in advertising for a high-end department store chain where I served as Assistant Special Events Director writing and designing promotional ads and marketing material. I also worked with area non-profits to promote and create fundraising events. When a larger high-end department store chain bought out the franchise rights, I moved forward.

An agent for public relations talent representing a large automaker then contracted me. My jobs included industrial films, commercials, and traveling the USA to radio and television stations. I appeared more than thirty times each year for three years on TV network and radio news specials.

My print work appearances included flyers, newspapers, and ads in magazine issues. My biggest photo shoot (for a large teen magazine) was on-location in one of my favorite places (a.k.a.) the public library.

I vowed my largest commitment ever when I married an awesome coach from upstate New York.

The next seven-years plus brought curriculum development and teaching at a local community college and a lot of life happenings. I continued to freelance and write for business owners and newsletter communications (all-the-while) adding five children to the already fabulously organized, chaotic family mix.

Whoa! WOW! And whew! The coach and I have had so much fun with this team line-up.

Life gives much and I have much to give. I served on SCBWI-Michigan’s Advisory Committee for three years organizing children’s publishing conferences, social events, fundraising, and more. At present, I live in the Midwest and serve in the digital media community.

I can be seen frequenting children’s book stores and techie places in my favorite pair of cowboy boots. I work best with an iced tea in hand, accompanied by stacks of resource books, in the middle of re-purposed 1940’s oak library desks.


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